the spider den


TVN is a versioning system created by welt. It is the server side of the Open Fortress launcher. It was designed to map well to other protocols as well as be accessible over a filesystem, which is a powerful abstraction over many data sources.


Revisions are an array of Change. It describes the changes in the filesystem since the last Revision. They are in numerical order, with -1 representing an uninstalled or unrevisioned folder. You can find them in revisions/


A Change is a JSON object representing a single change to the file system. It has four properties:

type is a number, representing the kind of its Change. s

0 = WRITE, representing a written file (implictly created if it doesn't exist) 1 = MKDIR, representing a created directory 2 = DELETE, representing a deletion of file or directory

path represents a file relative to the installation folder. It must use forward slashes, must start with a file or folder (no "./"), and must be consistent with the previous revisions.

object is an arbitrary ASCII string that identifies the name of the file to fetch from the remote server. The typical location for this is object/ however it's valid to download it from another location.

hash is the MD5 checksum of the Object. This should only be used for comparing files and checking for incidential damage.