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political cults

Modern non-centrist politics consists mostly of tribalism. Many people are exposed to propaganda about a certain form of politics (see: independent political propagandists) and are trained to hate anyone outside of their political group. Over the years there has been a feedback loop of violence and suffering caused by this. They are fed a narrow view of reality and make general assumptions about people, or view them as subhuman or evil. Every blow traded between sides increases the tension and hatred.

The best thing we can do to make the world a better place is to open dialogue and try to understand each other. Speaking from anecdotes, the best way to diffuse things like racism and bigotry is to simply speak to people on an equal level. A lot of hateful people are vulnerable people who got taken advantage of. I had almost slipped down that rabbit hole, and if it weren't for great people simply speaking to me like a person I would have become a hateful person. There is certainly evil people (mainly people encouraging the hatred for self gain) but most I believe are able to change. You just need to create the opportunity to understand.

Unfortunately many anti-bigotry groups fail to realise this. By contributing violence instead of making a genuine effort to improve the world they create a bigger problem for themselves. And sadly this has made many people fall down that rabbit hole and never get out.

Pushing people away is pushing them towards dark paths. Lost souls are ripe for the taking by bad people.