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8bloat (also known as 8b) is a fork of the venerable BloatFE Pleroma/Mastodon client by r. It intends to take the BloatFE experience you know and love and make it usable for more people as a primary client. We try to remain as faithful as possible to Upstream Bloat's design when implementing new features; Bloat has a very unique feel that we don't want to ruin.

8bloat runs as a server you connect to through your browser. After authorising the server, it talks to your Mastodon instance on your behalf and generates HTML from what the server tells it. It's strongly reccommended you put 8bloat on the same server or network as the instance if possible. This will reduce latency and make the client as fast as possible for users. It's also reccommended you enable single instance mode so that people don't use your 8bloat instance to spam others (since, in a sense, it's a proxy.)

In order for the client to work, you give the server your authentication token. Only use instances of 8bloat you trust. Though, nothing's stopping that Javascript client hosted by someone untrusted from updating itself without your knowledge to steal your tokens. Just be careful.


improvements over upstream bloat

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